The Iran Contradictions

A gritty alternative explanation for the Reagan era Iran-contra scandal, involving Vietnam War secrets worth millions and Hezbollah hostages. The mission: steal the money, kill a hostage, and frame the President. The action rages from Washington to the French Riviera as investigators attempt to save the President and outsmart assassins, Swiss bankers, crooked POW/MIA negotiators and Vietnamese Intelligence.

Best Book of the Year Fiction Finalist: and Foreword Magazine

“A compelling page-turner.”
—William Cohen, Former Senator, Secretary of Defense, and Iran-Contra Investigator

“From start to finish, this book delivers! With a convincing plot, strong characters, and plenty of twists and turns, this book is one you’ll read well into the night . . . The plot twists will really keep you guessing.”
—Denise Moore, Amazon 5-star reviewer
“A great read! . . . fast-moving story with lots of twists and turns . . . Just when you think you have a handle on what’s going on, you get another surprise. It’s [hard] to put the book down.”
—Dick Snyder, Amazon 5-star reviewer
“An absolute page-turner . . . didn’t put it down . . . completely intriguing . . . If you find yourself browsing the same old authors, looking for something fresh but good, try this book. You won’t be disappointed.”
—Matt Dooley, Amazon 5-star reviewer
“Captivating . . . certainly on par with products by Dan Brown or Robert Ludlum . . . I chose it as my selection for my book club . . . A great debut.”
—Ann M. Green, Amazon 5-star reviewer
“One of the best international intrigue books I have read. I rank it right up there with the early Robert Ludlum books. Jim Scott is a talent a cut above authors such as James Patterson or Len Deighton . . . I recommend this exciting book to any avid reader of international intrigue.”
—Barbara N. Roberts, Amazon 5-star reviewer
“A ruthlessly smart thriller. Finally, an original mystery . . . I was amazed at each turn of events . . . Fast paced, ruthless, with a shocking ending. This is a MUST read for anyone who wants more than a formula crank-em-out mystery. WOW!.”
—Alexi Hilton, Amazon 5-star reviewer
“A definite page turner . . . Loaded with intrigue, thrills and action galore! Mr. Scott has written a real winner here and I highly recommend that others take it up as well!”
—Brian Springfield, Amazon 5-star reviewer