The President’s Dossier

Fired for bias against the president, ex-CIA Russia expert Max Geller gets a chance to reclaim his reputation and make a fortune when he’s hired to prove that the president has incriminating ties to Moscow. Jill Rucker, an undercover CIA agent, works with and against Max to achieve conflicting goals, making their relationship one of mutual attraction and mistrust. The search for evidence takes them to England, Russia, Switzerland, and Panama. Max is targeted by British intelligence for compromising its agents. He gets help from the anti-Putin underground, threats and assistance from the Russian mafia, exposes a massive Russian-American money laundering scheme, and uncovers a plot to protect the president from impeachment. Meanwhile, Kremlin assassin Zabluda means to kill Max and Jill, and destroy evidence incriminating the US president. Max is betrayed by his former boss, his current employer, and his girlfriend. To get revenge, he takes on the CIA, the Russians, and a Washington law firm.

Best Book Award for Thrillers (2020 American Book Fest)

The Iran Contradictions

A gritty alternative explanation for the Reagan era Iran-contra scandal, involving Vietnam War secrets worth millions and Hezbollah hostages. The mission: steal the money, kill a hostage, and frame the President. The action rages from Washington to the French Riviera as investigators attempt to save the President and outsmart assassins, Swiss bankers, crooked POW/MIA negotiators and Vietnamese Intelligence.

Best Book of the Year Fiction Finalist: and Foreword Magazine