The President’s Dossier

Fired for bias against the president, ex-CIA Russia expert Max Geller gets a chance to reclaim his reputation and make a fortune when he’s hired to prove that the president has incriminating ties to Moscow. Jill Rucker, an undercover CIA agent, works with and against Max to achieve conflicting goals, making their relationship one of mutual attraction and mistrust. The search for evidence takes them to England, Russia, Switzerland, and Panama. Max is targeted by British intelligence for compromising its agents. He gets help from the anti-Putin underground, threats and assistance from the Russian mafia, exposes a massive Russian-American money laundering scheme, and uncovers a plot to protect the president from impeachment. Meanwhile, Kremlin assassin Zabluda means to kill Max and Jill, and destroy evidence incriminating the US president. Max is betrayed by his former boss, his current employer, and his girlfriend. To get revenge, he takes on the CIA, the Russians, and a Washington law firm.

Best Book Award for Thrillers (2020 American Book Fest)
“Scott injects enough spycraft, betrayal, and mayhem to keep the pages turning. Fans of espionage thrillers will be pleased.”
Publishers Weekly
“This is not like most espionage thrillers where the stage is dominated by men.
Here, there are bad-ass women too who are up for the job.”
The Feathered Quill
“An international thriller of the highest order that enlightens even as it terrifies. A smooth hybrid mix of Brad Thor, Brad Taylor and the late great Vince Flynn that’s as relentlessly paced as it is sumptuously realized. Not to be missed for fans of high-stakes, high-action thrillers.”
—Jon Land, USA Today bestselling author
“Brimming with history, reality, intensity, and passion, James Scott draws the reader deep into his carefully crafted web. You’re going to enjoy the pulse-pounding escapades.”
—Steve Berry, New York Times bestselling author
“A well-plotted, action-packed, and fast-paced thriller with all the ingredients that make for an edge-of-the-seat reading experience. The President’s Dossier is a fast read, as exciting as it can possibly get.”
—A Readers’ Favorite five-star review

The Iran Contradictions

A gritty alternative explanation for the Reagan era Iran-contra scandal, involving Vietnam War secrets worth millions and Hezbollah hostages. The mission: steal the money, kill a hostage, and frame the President. The action rages from Washington to the French Riviera as investigators attempt to save the President and outsmart assassins, Swiss bankers, crooked POW/MIA negotiators and Vietnamese Intelligence.

Best Book of the Year Fiction Finalist: and Foreword Magazine

“A compelling page-turner.”
—William Cohen, Former Senator, Secretary of Defense, and Iran-Contra Investigator

“From start to finish, this book delivers! With a convincing plot, strong characters, and plenty of twists and turns, this book is one you’ll read well into the night . . . The plot twists will really keep you guessing.”
—Denise Moore, Amazon 5-star reviewer
“A great read! . . . fast-moving story with lots of twists and turns . . . Just when you think you have a handle on what’s going on, you get another surprise. It’s [hard] to put the book down.”
—Dick Snyder, Amazon 5-star reviewer
“An absolute page-turner . . . didn’t put it down . . . completely intriguing . . . If you find yourself browsing the same old authors, looking for something fresh but good, try this book. You won’t be disappointed.”
—Matt Dooley, Amazon 5-star reviewer
“Captivating . . . certainly on par with products by Dan Brown or Robert Ludlum . . . I chose it as my selection for my book club . . . A great debut.”
—Ann M. Green, Amazon 5-star reviewer
“One of the best international intrigue books I have read. I rank it right up there with the early Robert Ludlum books. Jim Scott is a talent a cut above authors such as James Patterson or Len Deighton . . . I recommend this exciting book to any avid reader of international intrigue.”
—Barbara N. Roberts, Amazon 5-star reviewer
“A ruthlessly smart thriller. Finally, an original mystery . . . I was amazed at each turn of events . . . Fast paced, ruthless, with a shocking ending. This is a MUST read for anyone who wants more than a formula crank-em-out mystery. WOW!.”
—Alexi Hilton, Amazon 5-star reviewer
“A definite page turner . . . Loaded with intrigue, thrills and action galore! Mr. Scott has written a real winner here and I highly recommend that others take it up as well!”
—Brian Springfield, Amazon 5-star reviewer